My refrigerator holds.

DISCLAIMER: This is my first attempt at a food blog – unfinished post from 2008, so it is outdated, but wanted to keep it here…like a time capsule. must be nice to be stylish and RICHDrew Barrymore’s kitchen at Flower Films—too trite to say it’s my dream kitchen, but not to shabby, eh?.

At any given time I like to have a little sumthin’ in the kitchen. Just in case one of the schmoos pops over for a life debrief and we need a nosh to go with our wine.

If you have some of these must-haves on hand, you’ll be able to pick some odd recipe off of here to whip up a brunch, din din or snack that is sure to please.


A can of cannellini beans—a white bean that gives a great starch/protein combo to salads and makes them a meal instead of a side-dish

My favorite dressing-Briana’s Home Style Real French Vinaigrette

My Favorite


A Lemon–


Coffee, soymilk creamer and a French Press

Organic Raw Almonds

Parmesano Reggiano block

Morningstar fake bacon

Food of Life Ezekial or Genesis bread-this has sprouted grains and nuts, keep it in the freezer and it’s ready for you anytime

Earth Balance Natural Buttery Spread

Eden Mugwort Soba noodles- you can get these at Whole Foods

La Baleine Sea Salt Fine Crystals

Muir Glen Organic Diced Tomatoes–you can get them plain, with Italian Herbs or Onion and garlic, I keep a variety on hand including the fire roasted tomato version. These are great for an impromptu tomato sauce

Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil

Organic Balsamic Vinegar

Albacore Tuna canned

Marinated artichoke hearts


Imagine Organic Creamy Tomato Soup

Near East Rice Pilaf or couscous–I love the chicken flavored rice, mushroom is great too and the plain couscous

Vitasoy light soy milk

OKAY so most of these things are not in the refrigerator. They are cupboard items you can have around. Add and mix any fresh ingredients and you can do just about any healthy, flavorful nosh.

Here are 6 examples of meals that you can put together using these staples:


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