Pictures From My New Camera

I have been without a camera since our honeymoon because I dropped it in the clean blue waters of Oahu. Luckily, it was on our last day and most pictures had already been taken and my chip was safe! The bad news is that I was without a proper camera – only iPhone, which was OK – during the entire FRIGGING Thanksgiving season. I had all these gradiose ideas of things I was going to post about with some good pictures – pre-Thanksgiving, my now famous Amigos Grapefruit Salad, post- Thanksgiving leftover ideas. Erog, thwarted! But, I will say that I was also so so busy, entertaining and what not. As an early Christmas gift I was blessed to receive a new Canon EOS Rebel T3, the most fancy pants camera I have ever had. Now, a good camera does not make a good photographer so I have been playing playing playing and trying to learn all the tricks and fun of my new prize. So, I thought it might be fun to post a cacophony of photos of my practice subjects. I think you may enjoy them more than my recipes because they mostly feature two furry love balls.

Our doggies, Elvis and Jimi, are the type of duo that create dog lovers. They comedy of a big stoic yet prissy poodle and the fluff explosion of a cocky 5 lb. orange pomeranian is just too much for most and overwhelms the system with joy.


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