Working Girl Lunch #1: Kale in Your Pale

I am a 9-5 (8:30-5:30 oy, today’s economy…) working lady which is a HUGE reason why my posts are so few and far between. For that, I do apologize but my hope is that it is more about quality than quantity. SO, I thought a working girl tip was in order. Each evening or morning I pack up a lunch to bring with me to work because every working person knows that the selections within walking distance of the office can be sparse, tiring and mucho dinero. I care to save my bucks for Happy Hour!

Working Girl Lunch Tip: Use baby kale as the base for your salad. It is packed with extra dark green nutrients, is delicious and travels well.  It tends to be more hearty and filling. I really love Earthbound Farms pre-packaged, pre-washed kale but of course you can use the heart of a plant as well.

This particular salad was a rush Cesar job. I tossed some baby kale in my awesome Pyrex (you know how I love my American made favorite), through in some cold sliced turnips (may seem strange, but they are crispy and delicious), a few florets of cauliflower for additional crunch and some raw walnuts for protein. I tossed grated parm on top and refrigerated so I could grab quickly in the morning. For my dressing, just a few tablespoons of my favorite pre-made Cesar dressing from Brianna’s. You can use your favorite, too!

…and when you have the proper time to fix a salad for the non-work meal, be sure to try this Kale Bombshell Salad!


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