Hamachi Tartare

This happened by accident. I got the inspiration to make a tuna tartare from another blog I follow. I had never made it before. It was for a dinner party. The only problem, I had no idea where to get sushi grade fish. Luckily, my friend coming over said she did. Hurray! Except, when she gets to the store all they have is salmon and hamachi. I’m pretty picky about my raw fish. I’m not a huge fan of raw salmon, so I hoped that hamachi would work. Turns out, it was absolutely lovely. You know how tuna tartare turns into more of a dip, kinda sticky. Well, hamachi was drier more like a chunky salad or salsa. Paired with thick cut crinkly potato chips and it was a huge hit.

Hamachi Tartare

It goes without saying that getting the freshest, sushi grade fish as possible is imperative to this recipe being a success. Don’t attempt unless the fish is delectable.

1 lb. raw hamachi

1 ripe avocado

1/2 cup cilantro

1/4 cup sesame seeds

1/4 cup sesame oil

1/4 Bragg’s amino acids or soy sauce

1 tsp. wasabi powder

Juice of one lemon

Sea salt and pepper to taste

This can be prepared right before you want to serve or an hour or so before and then chilled. You will also need a sharp knife to get a precision cut for the fish. Start by heating your oil in a skillet, saute the sesame seeds for a few minutes until toasty. Remove from heat and let cool to at least room temp. I save myself a dish by preparing the tartare in the serving dish I will use. Start with the veggies and keep your hamachi in the fridge. Chop up your cilantro and cut the avocado into small chunks, put in your bowl. Get out the hamachi and cut into half inch squares, this is where you will need your sharp knife. Mix in the wasabi powder, lemon, Bragg’s aminos, sesame oil and sesame seeds. Mix thoroughly. Taste. Add salt and pepper if needed. Serve right away or chill first and with a large bowl of thick crinkle cut potato chips.


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