My Grandma’s 90th Birthday!

I know I’ve been away for awhile, but a girl’s gotta do a little soul searching and focusing sometimes. Well, I’m back and just in time to bring you a few pictures from my grandma’s 90th birthday party! I am so proud of her, she is in such great shape and has an amazing quality of life, turning 90 was truly a celebration. We put on the RITZ! There were all her favorites: grilled steak, cucumber salad, corn on the cob… and I attempted her all time favorite, 5-Day Coconut Cake. It turned out so-so if we are being honest and as always we are! So, I’m going to attempt it again before I post the recipe. This must be a very old school classic because I was hardpressed to find a recipe for it, even online. The trick is that it sits in the fridge for 5-Days soaking up the coconutty frosting. It’s supposed to be moist and rich. Mine was a little dense and rich which I suspect came from the gluten-free quinoa flour. Next time I will make it with regular flour.ImageMy beautiful and inspirational grandma!

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Butternut Squash Galette

This is a recipe that my good friend Sarah made for me for the first time a few years ago. She has worked as a chef at the Tassajara Buddhist Retreat which is where she perfected this recipe. Before I ate gluten free I ate this version of  a savory galette and could not believe my taste buds. Hearty yet pastry like, savory but herby and sweet with smooth baked mozzarella…it had everything. It also happens to be wonderfully seasonal. So I bust out this recipe every fall into winter around Thanksgiving time. It’s a great appetizer to bring for the big bird meal. It can be a special breakfast or lunch and a perfect solution to those constantly searching for different butternut squash recipes. Rolling your own dough can be tricky so I’ve also thrown in a way to get the same effect but with an already created pastry shell.

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I ate so much of this yesterday that I think I might have overdosed on it…in a good way. I had a tomato sandwich, used it as the bun for my hamburger, and made croutons for the recipe that I will *hopefully* post tonight.

REVIEW: King Arthur Flour Gluten Free Bread Mix

Glutards are very familiar with the ongoing search for bread – that elusive gluten-free bread that is at least somewhat comparable to the real thing. Although there are many types of breads that I miss and crave – sourdough, whole grain, rye (mmm, rye.) – an exact replica of a traditional bread as I know it may not come anytime soon. With that being said there are some really great new recipes out there that bring something new to the bread table. Fresh G-Free bread is hard to find, so guess what, I f-ing made my own! Hello! Epiphany! I can do this…especially with a good bread mix and a set of instructions. I’m lucky. Mixes have evolved and good ones are not hard to find. But, what about the best one??? King Arthur Flour Gluten Free Bread Mix could be considered that in a few ways.

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My ’80s Baby Vintage Waring Hand Mixer

A cook needs tools. Although it is easy to get whisked away (pardon the pun) by all the fancy new fangled glitter and glam in kitchen tools, I often don’t have the money or desire to use them. My RADDEST  1980s hand mixer is a perfect example of something I love that will hold me over until the time I find I need a standing mixer of some sort, which a.) may never happen, b.) if it does happen I will probably still use my vintage Waring hand mixer for quickies. This mixer is stowed after use in a zipped plastic bag and stuck on a shelf – light and takes up no space are some key “selling points”. It is also very powerful and sturdy, the plastic is dense, unlike newer cheap hand mixers.

I think the point of this post is to let you know that for $10 at a garage sale (or stolen from your mom) you can get a quality kitchen tool – so don’t be afraid to go vintage.

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