Happy New Year…with Fancy Jelly Shots!

Festivus! Celebration! Libation! Partying Dooooown! So much of that over the last couple of weeks. Staying around the Bay Area was a lovely gift, although we missed out on seeing some friends and family from afar, there is something special about nesting at home, celebrating with those that didn’t join the exodus out of the city and not having to travel during the holidays. We took it a few steps further and had a little New Year’s Eve cocktail hour at our home with some friends and neighbors before we headed across the hall for more debauchery.

In the food department I kept things simple but did take the time to make some Fancy Jelly Shots. This was my first attempt and they turned out dangerously delicious. Beware because these are strong.

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The Saint Teresa Cocktail

Every cook needs a signature cocktail, right? Well, my concoction came from a creative phase I had a while ago where I was infusing my own vodkas and using old liquor bottles from the 70’s with champagne bottle corks plugging up the top. My new favorite infusing bottle is the Bulleit ┬áBourbon one with it’s attractive looks, curved body and functional cork and plastic top. Bar far the best infusions were my ones that used herbs. Fruits were okay, I liked my blood orange one but the herbs really shined. In particular, my lavender infused vodka. I mixed is with fresh squeezed grapefruit juice and a drizzle of grenadine (or you can use 100% cranberry juice concentrate, if you want to avoid corn syrup) and named it The Saint Teresa after my husband’s mother – who is saint like in many ways, is currently studying for her PhD in religion, but still appreciates a delicious cocktail.

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