Shrimp Truck Adventure: Oahu, Hawaii

Hi + Taste is back from a long overdue vacation. As a matter of fact this was our Honeymoon – 6 months after the fact. I’ve been assured that this is the current way to do it, whatever the way, this was our first opportunity to get away. Believe it or not, my husband and I (either together or apart) had never been to Hawaii before. Our target destination was Maui, to bring back the nostalgic coolness of Maui Fever that any ’80’s baby has. Alas we got an essentially gratis vacation to Oahu, so off to Honolulu with no complaints from us. We have many counterparts who traveled the islands¬†extensively, some having lived there, so we were not at a loss for recommendations of what to do. And, we practically did it all – swam with the sea turtles (who are no longer on their way to¬†extinction – thank the heavens! – but are still on the protected list, so no touchy!!!), snorkeled in open water, snorkeled in sheltered hidden coves, hiked cliffsides, lazed around, drank frozen Mai Tais, went to a Luau, AND appropriate for this venue, explored the North Shore and many of the famed shrimp trucks.

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