Le Quinoa Coco

I gave this quinoa a fancy name  just for irony because it is actually not fancy at all, it is extremely simple. I’ve found that quinoa can go one of  two ways – either someone cooks it like rice and it ends up a bland, earthy side dish you never try again or you kinda overdo it, add a whole lot of fun stuff and then you end up missing the taste, texture and flavor of this magical gluten-free grain. I love this recipe because it’s in the middle. The quinoa gets to shine but you can use it as a simple side dish or an easy lunch that makes fantastic leftovers.

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Veggie Faux Meatloaf

Meatloaf is an amazing thing. Known as a working class delight in incorporates a cacophony of leftovers into one tasty dish. The concoction I created for my vegetarian boyfriend, now husband, sought to accomplish this same goal. When I created this recipe it was a time when I was constantly working toward winning his love via his tummy. Turns out I didn’t have to try so hard. But, I came up with lots of great recipes along the way – some of my most inventive, creative, and crowd pleasing. The Veggie Faux Meatloaf is great to serve to the whole family and will soothe the longing soul of new vegetarians craving their mother’s meatloaf. Alas, I no longer partake because it is far from gluten-free but it’s comfort food at its finest to feed the family.

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Dungeness Crab Chowder

Whoa my goodness! Such a yummy pot of goodness to be making on a cool night. I absolutely adore Dungeness Crab and when the season hits the San Francisco Bay, I get giddy with joy and often maw down on multiple whole crab over many days during the holidays. I went a little overboard (Tehe) this year because recent holidays have been spent on the East Coast. I bought, ate, and served so much crab that I actually had an assemblage of pieces left over from my last meal of crab. I was crabbed out, but I could let this succulent goodness go to waste! So, I plucked the morsels from their shells, rinsed them and gingerly packaged them in a freezer bag with hopes of a crab soup later on. Last night was the night! The result was a creamy yet light chowder with a base of coconut milk rather than cream and lots of good vegetables. 

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My refrigerator holds.

DISCLAIMER: This is my first attempt at a food blog – unfinished post from 2008, so it is outdated, but wanted to keep it here…like a time capsule. must be nice to be stylish and RICHDrew Barrymore’s kitchen at Flower Films—too trite to say it’s my dream kitchen, but not to shabby, eh?.

At any given time I like to have a little sumthin’ in the kitchen. Just in case one of the schmoos pops over for a life debrief and we need a nosh to go with our wine.

If you have some of these must-haves on hand, you’ll be able to pick some odd recipe off of here to whip up a brunch, din din or snack that is sure to please.

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