Quick Coleslaw

Coleslaw. The thing that stumps many is the dressing. The one I’ll share is simple, with only four ingredients. If the dressing has eluded you in the past you will now be able to bask in the sheer beauty of coleslaw and it’s deliciousness, healthfulness, people pleasing staying power. How liberating to make a huge batch that will hold up well in the refrigerator for at least a few days. It’s a hearty dose of veggies to have for a snack, it’s perfect for working girl lunch, prepare the night before if you know you’ll be low on time the next day… and, this easy peasy dressing lends itself to incorporating “leftovers” in your slaw – that loose carrot, that half a cabbage, that apple going uneaten, that hunk of blue cheese, that ominous leek hanging around during the early spring season when they are so abundant!

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Warm Brussels, Bacon & Egg Salad

Many an awe inspiring dish comes together perfectly at a restaurant because of seasonality – “Brussels sprouts! What am I going to do with all these dang sprouts!?” Well, Bungalow 44 in downtown Mill Valley created a drool worthy warm fall salad with them. I attempted to recreate it adding heaps of Brussels sprouts leaves, boiled egg, bacon, shallots and a perfect toss of mustard and balsamic sauteed up. It is fantastically meaty but somehow maintains a sense of being healthy and nutrient rich. Like many restaurant dishes, sometimes this salad can be heavy on the grease so my version cuts the grease and salt a bit and the result is a more robust Brussels flavor. This dish can also be made without the bacon for vegetarians, and you still get to enjoy the Brussels in a savory, deep balsamic mustard sauce. It becomes crave worthy by any Brussels fan. The bacon version has recently made it on the table at a dinner party I hosted and one where I was a guest (evidence after the jump.)

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Kale Bombshell Salad + Gluten Free Croutons

My Kale Bombshell is really a kale salad tossed in an authentic┬áCaesar┬ádressing…”My” is used loosely because although I would like to say I’ve modified it significantly to make it my own, I haven’t really. This is a recipe that caught my eye as I was scrolling cable TV one rainy afternoon stuck in a hotel in North Carolina. It’s seems like Rachel Ray is always on when I visit the Eastern side of the U.S. Although I don’t dislike Rachel, I wouldn’t have stopped at her show but, randomly, one of my lady vamp obsessions, Christina Hendricks (from Mad Men and for some of you geeks, Firefly) was being interviewed. Not only that, but she then began to talk about her love of cooking, hosting dinner parties and mixology, then…she began to cook! What?! YES!

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My $5. Slow Food Meal! Picnic at Dolores Park.

Yesterday was a glorious day in San Francisco…like clockwork Native American Summer has kicked in. This means we get summer late here in the Bay, our August is chilly but our September is the stuff that inspires BBQs, picnics and evening stoop parties.

Yesterday was also Slow Food USA’s $5 Challenge. The call to action: create a delicious and nutritious alternative to a fast food meal for $5. The point was also to include friends and community and to share your experience, recipes and thoughts.

Vodka Fuzzy Navel and Bourbon Peach Lemonade

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Fennel + Citrus Salad

There are a lot of good reasons to use fennel root as the base to salad – it’s great to bring to a party because you can bring it dressed and not worry about it getting wilty, you can actually save it for leftovers the next day (I hate wasting food, which can be a problem since I love making huge portions of everything…you can’t run out!), it’s a fresh, crisp, unique and delicious vegetable that gives another dimension of flavor to a recipe.

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