My ’80s Baby Vintage Waring Hand Mixer

A cook needs tools. Although it is easy to get whisked away (pardon the pun) by all the fancy new fangled glitter and glam in kitchen tools, I often don’t have the money or desire to use them. My RADDEST  1980s hand mixer is a perfect example of something I love that will hold me over until the time I find I need a standing mixer of some sort, which a.) may never happen, b.) if it does happen I will probably still use my vintage Waring hand mixer for quickies. This mixer is stowed after use in a zipped plastic bag and stuck on a shelf – light and takes up no space are some key “selling points”. It is also very powerful and sturdy, the plastic is dense, unlike newer cheap hand mixers.

I think the point of this post is to let you know that for $10 at a garage sale (or stolen from your mom) you can get a quality kitchen tool – so don’t be afraid to go vintage.

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