Holiday (or Anytime) Hangover Cure

Obviously, the main reason I love the Holidays is all the wine, signature drinks and food I get to make and consume unabashedly. The general merriment is no doubt most people’s favorite part of the holidays – a dreaded part  are the intense hangovers and belly bloat.  Well, after years of searching and trying all kinds of “cures” from Advil and water at night to Bloody Marys and a raw egg in the morning, I have found a natural cure that helps me be productive the next day (instead of doing it all over again, ahem, mimosas.) So, I thought I’d share it with you my quick fix so you can pick up these supplies along with your turkey and celery.


  • Hangover Formula from Source Naturals which you can find at Whole Foods in the supplements section (although not a week before Burning Man in any store in the Bay Area) or online.
  • A box of Emergen C Super Orange (any flavor will do but I like this one the best) also at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s and in many drugstores
  • Distilled Water

For best results, take two of the Hangover Formula pills at night after drinking before you go to bed with one 8 oz + glass of Distilled Water. This nutures your little cells and the distilled water decreases bloating plus you won’t get that blood sugar drop that has you up at 4am. Understandable you may forget, because, well…you’ve been drinking. That’s okay just jump to step two. In the morning,  take a full glass of Distilled Water mixed with one (or two) Emergen-Cs and one or two Hangover pills.  Ahh…what a difference it will make! 


REVIEW: King Arthur Flour Gluten Free Bread Mix

Glutards are very familiar with the ongoing search for bread – that elusive gluten-free bread that is at least somewhat comparable to the real thing. Although there are many types of breads that I miss and crave – sourdough, whole grain, rye (mmm, rye.) – an exact replica of a traditional bread as I know it may not come anytime soon. With that being said there are some really great new recipes out there that bring something new to the bread table. Fresh G-Free bread is hard to find, so guess what, I f-ing made my own! Hello! Epiphany! I can do this…especially with a good bread mix and a set of instructions. I’m lucky. Mixes have evolved and good ones are not hard to find. But, what about the best one??? King Arthur Flour Gluten Free Bread Mix could be considered that in a few ways.

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This Ingredient is Most Useful.

Vegetarian BETTER THAN BOUILLON No – Chicken Broth

This is a go to flavor base for all of my soups, not just because it’s vegetarian, but because it is extremely flavorful. I also really appreciate the fact that it is concentrated so I can make as much or as little broth as I want at the taste level that I need. It’s an essential kitchen ingredient that comes in a variety of flavors including mushroom which I used for a quick mushroom gravy.

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