Quick Coleslaw

Coleslaw. The thing that stumps many is the dressing. The one I’ll share is simple, with only four ingredients. If the dressing has eluded you in the past you will now be able to bask in the sheer beauty of coleslaw and it’s deliciousness, healthfulness, people pleasing staying power. How liberating to make a huge batch that will hold up well in the refrigerator for at least a few days. It’s a hearty dose of veggies to have for a snack, it’s perfect for working girl lunch, prepare the night before if you know you’ll be low on time the next day… and, this easy peasy dressing lends itself to incorporating “leftovers” in your slaw – that loose carrot, that half a cabbage, that apple going uneaten, that hunk of blue cheese, that ominous leek hanging around during the early spring season when they are so abundant!

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80’s Baby Tamale Pie

Chances are if you grew up in the 80’s your mom made you tamale pie. It’s an inexpensive, hearty yet light, shepard’s pie latin style,  family type meal that is uber conducive to leftovers. I also think it was considered “health food” which in the eighties was also considered a “fad”…well we have the last laugh, huh? My version incorporates dried chipotle peppers and fresh summer squash plus black beans stewed in garlic salsa. I (embarrassingly) made a huge 4 quart Pyrex baking dish full, but we ate on that thing for days, brought some with us tucked in our cooler just in case for our Dolores Park picnic and even served it to some guests a few days later brightened with roasted salsa and sour cream.

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