Dinner Table Tagine Chicken

The first time I had Tagine Chicken was about 5 or 6 years ago. I went to a dinner party in my home town, a friend of mine who had been living and studying in France invited some of her closest friends over for apero and dinner with her French boyfriend. He cooked. Needless to say there was a lot of fabulous wine, cheese, and conversation but the show stopped was this rich, tender, fragrant tagine. I was floored. It seemed so gourmet, difficult to make, exotic…I asked how to make it and the chef simply said, “It’s so easy, you take, this blech burg beek ffree…” Okay, I couldn’t quite remember, I had had A LOT of wine by that time. I never forgot the smell and taste of this dish and often thought about hunting down a recipe and trying it myself. Fast forward years later and I had a bunch of chicken thighs on hand, a hankering for curry, and some calvestrano olives that weren’t getting any younger. I looked up a bunch of recipes and pieced together this one using things already in my cupboard. I call this recipe Dinner Table Tagine Chicken because it is easy, delicious, can serve the whole family and could be used at a dinner party. It’s the kind of recipe that tastes like it took more work and¬†ingenuity¬†than it did. That’s always fun, right?

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