Veggie Faux Meatloaf

Meatloaf is an amazing thing. Known as a working class delight in incorporates a cacophony of leftovers into one tasty dish. The concoction I created for my vegetarian boyfriend, now husband, sought to accomplish this same goal. When I created this recipe it was a time when I was constantly working toward winning his love via his tummy. Turns out I didn’t have to try so hard. But, I came up with lots of great recipes along the way – some of my most inventive, creative, and crowd pleasing. The Veggie Faux Meatloaf is great to serve to the whole family and will soothe the longing soul of new vegetarians craving their mother’s meatloaf. Alas, I no longer partake because it is far from gluten-free but it’s comfort food at its finest to feed the family.

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