Who I be.

I live in San Francisco. Talk about an amazing place where I don’t know many people that don’t enjoy and love food, ingredients, trying new things and constantly seeking new, different and great edibles.

I like to riff on recipes and create my own. I love SHARING and ENTERTAINING…obviously!

Food, we all need it but luckily it can become a passion, a pursuit, a moment to share…it can also be hard to deal with. I love to cook but recently I found that I have a gluten intolerance, have a hard time dealing with large portions and mixes of too many ingredients, get sensitivity to types of foods I never had to worry about before.  Also, my husband is a vegetarian but I LURVE meat (oysters, shrimp, chicken, beef, lamb…!). COMPLICATIONS. But it’s been fun, not really a drag at all and most of the time my guests would never miss anything from my dishes that may be ________-free.


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